Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The Catholic Church has given approval to hurl absolution into the 21st Century, with the release of a new iPhone application: 'Confession'.

After registering some basic personal information, receiving your act of contrition is as simple as selecting your sin and reflecting upon your wrong doing. 'Confession' is, of course, fully customisable. There is no need to feel restricted by the in-built list of sins, you are free to add your very own 'custom' sins. 

'Confession' is dubbed as simply an application to 'prepare for the Sacrament of Reconciliation', it does not serve as a replacement for a Priest in order to receive absolution, which leads me to the next benefit of 'Confession' - never again will you face the confessional faux pas of forgetting your sins, they will all be stored safely and readily available via your iPhone. If the thought of your sins falling into the wrong hands concerns you, rest easy, 'Confession' is of course, password protected.

Still not impressed? How's this for a final sweetener; the path of righteousness will only set you back $1.99

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