Monday, February 28, 2011


The past week was devoured by a flurry of mental activity; it started with a documentary and a ridiculous amount of notebooks that have been silently nurturing my most private thoughts - (finally) the incessant background hum that has occupied my mind has manifested into a romantically idealistic snowglobe of creativity.

Why a snowglobe? Because, within each snowglobe, a perfectly architectured snapshot of a moment, dream, experience, an idea, is housed in all it's perfection and whilst able to offer the perception of eternal safety, in truth, they offer little resilience and are easily shattered; but that's ok, I am still in exploration stage, there's bound to be some shattering taking place.

Aside from my current 'I can take on the world' sense of empowerment, the past couple of weeks have been very emotionally challenging and rather than turn into a cynical, angry little person, I have been filling my head with zombie nonsense and gore (I do so very much have a zombie fetish). If you haven't yet watched 'The Walking Dead' series, indulge in some quality selfish time and watch it, you won't regret it.

Image Credit: Round and Round - kittyyellowjacket

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